Ventilator cover

In the first 9-3 productions waterleakage occurs through the filter into the interior fan. It is the cause of future trouble with the cabin air ventilator. Saab made a modification with a cap above the house of the interior filter. The cap is available from the dealer.

To leave the wipers positioned vertically on
the windshield, proceed as follows:
1 Switch off the engine and remove the
remote control.
2 Activate the wipers within the next
16 seconds by pressing the stalk switch
down. (left photo)

(Open the hood and remove the rubber strip on the top of the bulkhead. (passenger side, right picture))


Remove the round plastic plug (press the pin in) (left picture), remove the cap from the edge to the windscreen and gently bend the hood up. Support the hood on the left with a long screwdriver (or something) so that it stays open (right picture).

The cap is easy to install, actually is self explaining. It fits right above the cabin air filter, the left and right side must be bend down.