Repair air vents

Sometimes when the air vent is removed, all parts in the vent fall apart. Not a problem. With a simple trick it is fairly easy to get everything back in place. One of the users of the Dutch Saab Forum (thanks to escort77made a good photo shoot​​. The description relates to the left-hand air vent, the method is identical to the other vents.

rooster1 Place the slats of the vents together as a packageThe slat with the guidepath must be on top.
Turn the control knob to the position as in the right picturethe slats will later fit exactly. rooster2
rooster3 Put the complete package with guidepath up, into the spaces of the back of the control knob.
Place the cross in this way on the guide path. rooster4
rooster5 Place the metal rod into the notches of the ventilation flap housing.
Insert the plastic bridge over the metal rodNote that the bridge is properly fit into the notches(It only fits well in one position) rooster6

Fix the bridge with a rubber band and hook the rubber band to the control handle.

Slide the elastic band on the bridge to a position out of the middle so it will not get in the way when fixing all parts together. rooster9
rooster10 Join the the two parts of the ventilation housingMake sure the notches in the cross are aligned with the plastic bridge. Click the two parts of the houseing together and make sure that the bridge fits in to the sliding path of the cross.
If everything is working properly, cut the elastic band. rooster11

Attach the connection rod to the control knob. Place the air vent back into the dashboard.


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