Most Saab 9-3 owners complain about the sound quality of the premium 70 system, many owners complain about the 150 system premium and some complain about the prestige 300 system. Of course, opinions differ about sound and music and it also remains a matter of taste. Fact however is that the premium 70 system actually has no bass performance and that the premium 150 system should be able to sound much better.

In the left menu, I placed a number of possibilities. An improvement of the premium 70 system by replacing the standard speakers, an upgrade to the premium 70 to the premium 150 system and an improvement of the premium 150 system with an additional amplifier and additional speakers in the rear shelf.

The original audio can be extended with an "aftermarket" kit. An example is included in the menu.

To give an idea what the frequency characteristics of the speakers are, I included a graph on this page so you know approximately what characteristics are present in the car. Please note, these are not factory values ​​but ​​measured values by a Saab enthusiast of the Central forum.

frequency response


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